Our Workshops

Aging Related Topics

Ageism: The Saga of Discrimination – Implicit and explicit ageism marginalizes the older adult cohort and leaves its harmful traces throughout all of society. By negatively stereotyping and assuming homogeneity among all older adults, discrimination is cultivated and propagated without consideration or conscience. A review of common myths and misperceptions from individual and societal perspectives, such as increased senility, impaired executive functioning and decision making, reduced capacity to learn, frailty, slowness, ill health, and missed opportunities are explored. Participants will become aware of the dangers of ageism, and through interactive exercises, will learn to recognize the signs of stereotyping and discrimination which disrupt the aging process. 1 hour presentation; View pdf description

AgeQuest 2030:  Laying the Foundation for the Aging Super Highway – This workshop articulates the first step in identifying attitudes and opinions on current aging issues. Participants will learn where today’s older adults stand on a variety of social services issues and their perceptions of the community’s ability to advocate for and provide those services.  1.5 hour presentation; View pdf description

Aging Matters: Aging in the twenty first century involves complex and compound social science issues. This series of five separate, but related workshops delves into these broad arenas to give the attendee a fuller and more enriched image of what it means to personally engage the aging process. Terms are defined, barriers and triggers are identified, and realities and expectations are scrutinized. 5 hour presentation; View pdf description

Our Veterans: Their Aging Matters: Veterans face many unique challenges as they age which may not be encountered by non-veteran older adults. Their personal aging is often affected by residual psychological, physiological, and social concerns and or traumas borne while serving our nation. As a cohort, veterans are highly heterogeneous due to the fact that their service spans multiple generations and periods of conflict. Their challenges require a human services response which is multi-disciplinary and highly individualized.  1 hour presentation; View pdf description

Personal Resources in Aging: Choices and Change: Aging does not occur in a vacuum. Comprehending and valuing the heterogeneity of older adults is in executing good decision making about and on behalf of the older person and the cohort. Older adult matters frequently involve a cast of participants: the person, family, caregivers, and society. Older adult needs versus wants are scrutinized. A socio-demographic snapshot of potential resource factors is presented. 1 hour presentation; View pdf description

Welcome to My World: In this interactive workshop, participants experience what it is like to be old. The extensive sessions focus on the complexities and dynamics of aging.  Participants will understand the problems resulting from ageism, communication challenges, older adults’ health and wellness issues which affect employers and employees, and the ‘when to engage social services’ dilemma.  6 hour presentation; View pdf description

Brain Related Topics

Engaged Aging:  Building Fitter Brains© – This workshop explores brain fitness by examining three components:  exercise, nutrition, and creativity.  It delivers the fitter brain message through learning labs where multiple modalities are used.  This program can be accomplished by groups or individuals.  Perfect for older adults!  3 hour presentation; View pdf description

Have You Seen My Keys?:  This workshop discusses how older adults can begin to take charge of managing their own healthy aging process.  The keys of nutrition, exercise, staying engaged and health care are examined.  This workshop is tailored to present to older adults, but is valuable for those who work with them.  1 hour presentation; View pdf description

It’s YOUR Brain, Use It or Lose It: This workshop explores the brain and exercise, the brain and creativity, and the brain and learning/games.  It presents academic literature on an easily understood level for non-medical professionals.  It acquaints attendees with tools to use in helping to build a healthy brain.  This workshop is suitable for those working with older adults or older adults themselves. 1.5 hour presentation; View pdf description

Health Related Topics

Depression, Anxiety, and Coping: A Social Gerontology Perspective: Mental health issues affect many older adults. What is of the utmost importance is to recognize that aging does not cause mental disorders. The spectrum of effects range from virtually no significant disruption in behavior and activities of daily living to necessitating institutionalization. The relationship of chronic illness to mental disorders is explored as well as susceptibility and risk in terms of age, gender, and other factors. 1 hour presentation; View pdf description

Know Your Numbers and Walking As A Physical Activity: The presence of chronic illness frequently impacts how a person lives his or her life. For the older adult, it may also erode quality of life. In many instances, older adults fail to acknowledge the importance of engaging their personal aging process and simply would rather leave the decision making to their doctors or family members. Developing awareness and knowledge about four specific health status numbers can better equip the older adult with the desire and ability to gain better control of this chapter of life. By introducing the concept of entering into a walking program, participants learn that it is a low-cost tool that can positively impact their health and compress morbidity. 3 hour presentation; View pdf description

Strength First: This workshop introduces the attendees to the importance of maintaining a strong body.  Without strength, the body has a difficult time functioning.  We discuss the impact of strength on falls, muscle condition, weight control, chronic diseases, and activities of daily living.  This workshop is suitable for those working with older adults or older adults themselves. 1 hour presentation; View pdf description

Workplace-Related Topics

The Changing Face of Our Multigenerational Workforce: HR Issues and Concerns – This tutorial covers issues encountered in today’s multigenerational workplace.  Participants will understand the concepts of dependency ratios, motivational and attitudinal frameworks that define work, and phased retirement.  HR professionals will learn tips for managing a multigenerational workforce.  1 hour presentation; View pdf description

Retire, Retain, Rehire, You Choose:  The Cost of Human Capital – This workshop provides a snapshot of the US retirement system and examines the perceptions and realities of employing older workers.  Participants will learn about Critical Success Factors, knowledge management techniques, and how society benefits when older workers are retained in the workforce.  HR professionals will learn tips for managing the complexity of a workplace inclusive of older workers. 1 hour presentation; View pdf description